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    What are the hotels for breakfast and how much does food in the supermarket cost?

    For those who come on a stay or stay at the hotel, the most sensible would be to eat at the hotel itself, in any case, have breakfast. It should be borne in mind that the system all inclusive (all inclusive) and even HB (breakfast + dinner) are not particularly common in the hotels of Ty. Therefore, if you want to not only have breakfast, but also have lunch and dinner, then you will have to rely on your culinary skills, or look for other ways to feed by catering. Usually, I use the services of the latter, but I always have a certain stock of products from the supermarket in the hotel refrigerator.

    It is necessary to recognize that the breakfasts, even in 3 * hotels in Thailand, are very, very tasty. I still remember the most generous and delicious Thai breakfast, all my life I would eat so much. The “buffet” system is widespread, each person determines how much and what he wants to eat. The range usually depends on the size and star of the hotel. But the principle of the menu here is about the same.

    I like Thai food very much and above all because of its naturalness. Fruits (pineapple, papaya, watermelon), the freshest and most delicious. Cucumbers that do not smell the dust. And most importantly, eggs! This is not some pale and tasteless eggs from the poultry farm. These are natural (almost said, human) eggs!

    Hearing a rooster crow in the center of the multi-million dollar Bangkok in the morning is almost a matter of course. In Moscow or New York, this would already seem wild. And here, no. The variety of eggs in the store amazes me. Well you have to love this product so much.

    Most of the products that I saw correspond to my personal ideas about tasty and healthy food. No wonder, here everything grows by itself and crows. Have time to go, just harvest the harvest. Therefore, breakfast for the average tourist here is tasty and healthy: choose what you like and eat as much as you like.

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