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    Ride on a balloon in Phuket - it's real!

    A balloon ride for several centuries has been a favorite attraction, which gives vivid emotions and immersion in the atmosphere of romance. And although much has changed since the first walk in the balloon in the distant 18th century: the flight no longer seems like something incredible and impossible to modern people, the walk in the balloon leaves all the same strong impressions. Therefore, it is also possible to fulfill your dream in Thailand: everyone can ride a balloon in Phuket. About where you can find balloons in Phuket and how much this pleasure will cost, we will tell in our article.

    Flight on the ball in Phuket

    In Aero Park of the island you have the opportunity to meet the sunrise at a bird's-eye view. Here you can fly in a hot air balloon over a spacious clearing surrounded by jungle. The view from the height of the island will surely amaze you: wild green jungles, a lake with blooming lotuses and, of course, a beautiful ocean. You will make a lot of colorful photos and video for memory.

    Before the flight, you can watch an equally exciting action: filling the ball. It's amazing how a huge ball with a height of 9-storey house is formed from a simple fabric bag that will lift you up to the sky. During the flight in the basket can be up to 6 people and an instructor. The flight lasts 15 minutes, after which you can recover from the storm of emotions and enjoy a cup of coffee or a cocktail in the park bar and watch the flight of other lucky ones.

    Attraction Balloon in Phuket - one of the most comfortable types of flight. Restrictions for those who are going to fly, especially no, most importantly, what is required of you - climb into the basket. The safety of your flight is the responsibility of a professional instructor and safety cables, which securely attach the ball to the ground and keep it from sharp gusts.

    All that is needed for a flight is sunny weather without wind and your good mood. The cost of the flight for one person will cost around 2,200 baht.

    Balloon Festival in Thailand

    For 10 years now, as a balloon flight from simply entertainment for tourists has grown into an international event - a balloon festival. The event is held every year in early March in the beautiful town of Chiang Mai in the north of the Kingdom. In the first days of spring, the sky over the city is filled with a large number of different balloons, creating a unique spectacle.

    Have you ever seen how more than 30 huge balloons of different colors and shapes soar in the sky at the same time? And this is not just the launch of balloons, they are whole performances from masters from different countries of Europe and Asia with musical accompaniment of a professional orchestra. What is worth the night performance of The Sparkling Glow, in which the balloons hovering in the night sky, synchronously highlighted by a unique music.

    The festival is not limited to the launch of balloons. Here you can visit many attractions, concerts, exhibitions and fairs. Coffee lovers will appreciate the unique Thai coffee at the coffee-carnival. Gourmets will be satisfied with the masterpieces of the best chefs of the Kingdom and other countries. You can also get acquainted with the history and life of Thai people at the exhibition of traditional rural crafts. Festival guests can enjoy painting at art workshops and even attend a fashion show. The entrance ticket to the event varies from 100-300 baht per person.

    The Balloon Festival in Thailand is a great opportunity not only to fly, but also to have fun all day with the whole family. And those who wish to fly on the ball in Phuket will be able to realize their dream in the local Aero Park. Pleasant flight!

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